Oversize Geometric Fashion Flat Top Sunglasses

$9.99 USD


Product Details:

Experience a new level of style with our Oversize Geometric Fashion Flat Top Sunglasses. With their distinctive plastic frames and PC lenses, these sunglasses are not just about protection but also about making a statement. The oversized design is a nod to the bold fashion of the '80s, reimagined for the trendsetters of today.

Key Features:

  • Oversize geometric design for a bold and distinctive look
  • Durable plastic frames that hold up to daily use
  • Quality PC lenses for excellent clarity and sun protection
  • Offers 100% UVA and UVB protection for your eyes
  • Designed for universal fit with a one-size-fits-most design

Ideal For:

  • Standing out in a crowd at outdoor events
  • Complementing a vintage-inspired ensemble
  • Making a style statement on sunny days