90s Vintage Crop Flare Jeans

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color: Burnt
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Product Details:

Dive into the '90s style with these Vintage Crop Flare jeans for women that effortlessly blend nostalgia and contemporary fashion. Made with non-stretch denim fabric, these jeans encapsulate the best jeans trends from the '90s and bring them to the forefront of today's fashion scene. With a unique crop flare silhouette, distressed embellishments, and a touch of vintage flair, these jeans are an ode to the best jeans for women from an iconic era.

Key Features:

  • Authentic 90s vintage jeans design, echoing 90s fashion trends
  • Crop flare jeans silhouette, a testament to retro flare jeans
  • Distinct distressed pattern adds an edgy touch
  • Made with 100% cotton for a comfortable fit
  • Reliable zipper closure ensures the jeans stay in place

Ideal For:

  • Channeling the 90s jeans vibe on a day out
  • Pairing with contemporary tops for a mix of past and present
  • Women seeking a touch of retro in their wardrobe with flared jeans for women

Additional Details:

  • Model is 5' 9'' wearing size 26
  • Best suited for Spring and Summer for breezy, chic vibes