Game On PU Colorblock Baseball Jacket

$44.99 USD

color: Black
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Product Details:

Have a fun time looking fashionable in the Game On PU Colorblock Baseball Jacket! This sleek piece features ribbed striped edges, a snap button-front, and twin side pockets. The colorblock design adds a playful and trendy twist, making this jacket an ideal statement piece for any daring fashionista.

Key Features

  • Ribbed Striped Edges for a sporty aesthetic
  • Snap Button-Front for easy wear and removal
  • Twin Side Pockets for practicality and style
  • Colorblock Design to add a vibrant pop of color to your outfit
  • Collar Neckline for a classic baseball jacket look

Ideal For

  • Sporting at casual outings or events for a fun and trendy look
  • Pairing with jeans or joggers for a relaxed, sporty ensemble
  • Layering over a t-shirt for a cool, casual outfit